Dane Nelson introduced Superintendent, Bob Behnke, who gave audiences members specifics of the upcoming bond proposal on the ballot next Tuesday, May 3rd. There will be two proposals voters within the district will be voting on: a $29.5 million bond project to improve education, beef up the aging infrastructure, enhance safety programs and security, and update facilities. The second proposal is for $1.375M to improve Maple Stadium. Much input was solicited from the public as to the needs of the school district, Bob said. Beth Ferguson, chair of the committee, said that times were changing as exhibited in the standoff at the strip mall adjacent to Michener School several weeks ago. She recalled growing up when street were much safer and no one had to lock their doors at night.
Dane recapped the improvements in store for Maple Stadium whose Father, Cliff, was Adrian High School’s first Athletic Director in the mid-50’s and who had actually sketched plans for the original Maple Stadium that was eventually built at a cost of $60,000. The very first game played on the field was in 1955. Thanks to the Kiwanis Club of Adrian, the stadium had a press box.  Between 1,000 and 2,500 fans enjoy watching football there every Friday night in the Fall. Dane showed photos of the outdated restrooms and kitchen. In addition to the improvements, Dane said, will be a Team Room built with money from private donors and located at the north end of the stadium. He said that a lead gift has been pledged of $100,000.
Bob concluded the presentation by mentioning the Boys & Girls Club located in the 5-6 Building. In 2011, it served 82 kids. Now that number is between 195 and 238. The cost to an average taxpayer, they said, would be between $5 and $8 per year. The bond issue passed 10 years ago will be paid off in 2033. This issue, if passed, will be paid off by 2045. DON’T FORGET TO VOTE NEXT WEEK AT YOUR RESPECTIVE POLLING PLACES!!