Posted by Chuck Chase on Aug 09, 2019
Thanks to everyone who participated today as several committee chairs met with their respective committees and discussed their specific responsibilities as well as other programs we should be involved in. Committees that met were: Community Service, Membership and International.

Those gathering to discuss “Community Service” suggested that: we participate as a club in various holiday parades so that we can promote our club, look at doing something again in partnership with the Boys & Girls Club, possibly participate in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s with members who participate in the walk wearing their Rotary shirts, possible project with Hospice of Lenawee, involvement in the Appleumpkin Festival and pitching the Rotary tent as a possible fundraiser, participate in Chamber Expo to promote our club as well as Associated Charites and Salvation Army events. The committee rounded out their discussion suggesting we think of more programs we can do as a club involving veterans.

Chip reported out what the “International Service Committee” discussed which included programs to deal with the current immigration problems particularly in Mexico and the Central America region where we could donate clothes, books, etc. Since there will also be 15 international students coming here to attend Adrian High School, this will give our club an opportunity to interact with them somehow that we’ll want to look into. It might even include a social gathering with them so we can show them what we do as a club. Another suggestion was to connect with the international students at Adrian College and Siena Heights University. The committee suggested another idea they had might be to have a program to raise money to purchase bicycles for people in countries that need them in Africa. Another idea was to schedule an international dinner.

Last to report out was “Membership Committee” chair, Mike Tobey, who said that a “cocktail hour” (every quarter) possible at the Adrian Armory that would be advertised in advance through various media outlets. Retention, Mike said, was also discussed and that he hoped his committee could get a list every week of members who attend our meetings regularly and those who don’t so they could be called and encouraged to continue attending again through a simple phone call, email, etc.

Thanks everyone for you input and participation!