Fallon Bull, the Program Director of the Hope center said that the organization was formed 42 years ago to meet the needs of adults with developmental disabilities. One hundred different members are served each week to participate in their structured programming, she said. Those served, if they choose not to participate in a program can “hang out on the computer or talk a walk, or travel to various non-profits to do odd jobs there.” Fallon said. Hope has a garden that produces vegetables that are donated to local pantries and soup kitchens. Jerry said he especially likes to play pool and has helped pack snacks that members share in throughout the day.
After hour programs include their Hoopster Basketball Team where members can play some 20 games per season. Members go to Mud Hens and Pistons games, she said, in addition to Hidden Lake Gardens, etc. to “provide them with experiences they would not otherwise have”. At Hope there are various Job Teams that members can engage in to teach them responsibility. Jerry said he goes out and gets the mail and paper each day. Job Teams also give members the opportunity to talk and socialize with others which is so very important to a person’s development, Fallon said. “Members need to feel they have a purpose and are valued”, she said.
Mary Martin, Developmental Director at Hope, spoke a little more about the history of the center which began as a “walk in” center and grew to what it is today. Civitan of Adrian raised over $1M in 1988 to build the very facility they occupy today, she said. Mary provided statistics about their members and they are prone to being victims of crime and why it was important to teach them at Hope what to do to prevent that and how to take control of their lives including nutrition, participating in life-long learning activities, etc. “Hope provides a reason for people to get up and put each day”.
Mary finished by announcing their big fundraiser – A NIGHT FOR HOPE event – Friday, November 8th from 6pm-8:30pm